Our Core Values

Many years ago, EnCouncil identified a set of Core Values which we think are important for all engineers to exemplify in their everyday lives. They are first presented to the freshmen at Engineering Induction, during Orientation, and many students hold those values dear to them throughout their time at Washington University.

A WashU Engineer:

Has an Open Mind. Consider ideas and theories that are not your own. Be smart, yet humble.

Is a Colleague to All. The dreams of society can only be achieved by working with one another.

Acts in an Ethical Manner. We uphold our responsibility to society and the environment.

Asks “Why Not?” As Much As “Why?”

Has a Role in Society. We are the changers, the movers. We are not content to only observe; we must act.

Finds Fun in Life and Work. Choose to work with what you enjoy.

Focuses on the Future. Working in the present, using the past as a guide.