In 1913, representatives of the engineering societies approached Dean Alexander Langsdorf with the idea of creating a governing body for the students. This organization, known as the Engineers’ Council, was chartered to represent the collective voice of the engineering students to the faculty and administration. In addition, the Council focused on uniting the student body through various social events.

For the past hundred years, students from all walks of life have met the challenges of the day and emerged as leaders among their peers. In the 1960’s, for example, when enrollment was dwindling, the Engineers’ Council introduced a plethora of ideas to recruit new prospective engineers, many of which are still in place today. In the early 1980’s, the Engineers’ Council joined the National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) in order to compare what Washington University had to offer to other U.S. engineering schools, exchange ideas for social programming, and develop ways to build our relationships with the faculty and administration.

In 2001, to recognize our Council’s continuous effort to improve the quality of life here in the engineering school, NAESC voted our Engineers’ Council the best Engineering Student Council in the nation.

Today, the mission of the Council remains the same. Its members still strive to fully represent their fellow students by serving on various committees such as the Undergraduate Advisory Board, the Undergraduate Council, the Faculty Assembly, the EIT Advisory Board, and various other groups. In addition, we forge connections between the administration and students through events such as Dean’s Forum, Student Advising Session, Cheap Lunch, and EnWeek. In addition, we put on dozens of other events each semester, including Post-Physics, Engineering Expo, the dance party Vertigo, Safe Trick-or-Treat, and much more. We bring our students closer together and help them to relax and enjoy their years in the engineering school.

For more than a century, EnCouncil has been driven by the devotion and creative energy of its members. Today, we continue to strive to improve our school and bring students together. EnCouncil is stronger than ever and excited to continue to thrive.

— Adapted from “A Brief History”, EnCouncil’s 90th Anniversary Celebration