Executive Board

The 2018-2019 Executive Board consists of the following members:

President – Fiona Rendon, Mechanical Engineering, ’20

The president represents EnCouncil and other undergraduate engineers to other groups on campus, manages the Executive Board, and runs general body meetings. They will meet frequently with Dean Kroeger, head of Engineering Student Services, to make sure that the student engineering body is represented.



Secretary – Sasha Popelyukhin, Mechanical Engineering, ’20

The secretary sends out emails and takes care of all the EnCouncil media. They also work towards increasing student involvement.



Treasurer – Grayson Uhlir, Chemical Engineering, ’20

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining EnCouncil’s finances and works with Student Union to ensure that there is sufficient funding for all of our events. They also head the Engineering Projects Review Board.



Programming Chair – Cam Phelan, Chemical Engineering, ’21

The Programming Chair is responsible for overseeing the major events on campus, including Vertigo and EnWeek. They also hold study breaks and smaller events like post-Physics milk & cookies.



Academic Affairs Chair – Tommy Keating, Computer Engineering/Computer Science, ’21

The Academic Affairs Chair runs the Engineering Societies Council – a group of members from multiple engineering student groups. They also organize events like the Dean’s Forum and Department Forum nights.



Professional Outreach Chair – Casey MacDonald, Computer Engineering, ’20

The Professional Outreach Chair works on relationships with company recruiters, professional organizations, and alumni. Primarily, they coordinate professional involvement in events such as Cheap Lunch and EnWeek.



Parliamentarian – Lexi Markowitz, Chemical Engineering, ’20

The Parliamentarian is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the constitution and its bylaws. They are also responsible for taking attendance at general body meetings and maintaining a list of voting members of the general body.