Executive Board

Meet the 2020 – 2021 Executive Board!

President: Paul Joseph

Year: Senior

Major: MechE

Fun Fact: He has a metal plate and 6 screws in his arm!

Academic Affairs Chair: Angelica Santiago

Year: Sophomore

Major: Chemical Engineering

 Minor: Dance

 Fun Fact: She is taking her first dance class this semester!

Vertigo Chair: Cameron Bleem

Year: Senior

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Minor: Bioinformatics

Fun Facts: He enjoys drawing random things on the chalkboard before meetings (RIP in-person meetings) and doodling throughout his class notes when bored.

Programming Chair: Erika Ezife 

Year: Junior

Major: Comp Sci 

Minors: Maybe Human Computer Interaction & Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology? 

Fun Fact: One of her favorite bands is Pavement (and tricot)  

Professional Outreach: Kayleigh Crow

Year: Sophomore

Major: Systems Science and Engineering

Minor: Comp Sci

Fun Fact: Her favorite shows are Community and Nathan For You!

Secretarian: Eric Montufar-Morales

Year: Sophomore

Major: MechE and Art?

Minor: Comp Sci

Fun Fact: He is fluent in German but not in Spanish

Treasurer: Drew Sklar

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Energy Engineering

Fun Fact: He has a twin brother